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Josh Soroka

Keyboards / Vocals

Alex Garrin
Guitar / Vocals


Matthew DiMaria

Drums / Vocals

Matt D'Astice

Guitar/ Vocals

Max Blaul

Bass / Vocals

TotemFrogs-9263 copy.jpg


    An ensemble birthed from the great American tradition of the "Jam Band," Totem Frogs takes Americana to truly magnificent extremes.  Fusing into their blues-rooted sound everything from 60s Psychedelia to Power Pop, the Frogs grant each song a unique musical character.  Jamming and songwriting are the two art-forms that lead the charge in their creative process, as Totem Frogs has become a house of original material that spans nearly the whole swath of their creative influences.  A live show from Totem Frogs features swirling lights, brilliantly crafted live sound tech, and an observable chemistry from the band members.  Currently based in greater Chicago, the Frogs are working to bring their music to wide audiences online and throughout the world.

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