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Matt Dastice

// Lead guitar/


Alex Garrin

// Rhythm guitar  / Lead vocals / Harmonica

Max Blaul

// Bass

Danny Lozano

// Drums /


Josh Soroka
// Keyboards 


Totem Frogs is a rock band that formed in Lincolnshire, IL, in 2018. The band is best known for their 70s throwback sound, extended jams, and eclectic repertoire of original songs and covers. The band consists of lead-guitarist Matt Dastice, harmonica and rhythm-guitarist Alex Garrin, drummer Danny Lozano, and bassist Max Blaul. Keyboardist Josh Soroka recently (as of 2023) joined the band full time. Both Alex and Danny sing, but Alex is the primary lead-vocalist. Totem Frogs’ music blends elements of a wide variety of genres, including blues, funk, country, psychedelic rock, folk, jazz, and pop. 

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